Nicole Pereira is the Founder & CEO of NJ Productions. The idea of starting her own company and building a truly valued community brand emerged shortly after working in marketing and media roles for large corporates, agencies, small businesses and start-ups. 


"When we first launched, NJ Productions worked predominantly with individuals and businesses to solve all their media, photography & videography needs. Whether it was a seated gala dinner for 500 executives or a 21st birthday party, we've always treated all our clients with the utmost importance." 


When choosing which jobs we'd like to take onboard, we filter out potential clients through a match-making process to ensure we are the right fit for each other. The match-making process may include a quick phone call, a coffee catch-up or an online questionnaire. 


"Now, our biggest goal is to reach out to as many people as we can and help plan, photograph or film their milestone event.


All of us here at NJ Productions are passionate entrepreneurs, driven by inspiring others, growth through challenges and ever-evolving adaptability. 

We have recently launched our Weddings Division, WeddingsByNJ which assists everyday working professionals plan their entire wedding from start to finish. It's ultimately, a one-stop Wedding Shop, where we take all the hassle out of Wedding Planning,"

When she's not working on events, Nicole helps small business owners in Melbourne & Sydney with all their marketing needs. Nicole is also a talented saxophonist, a writer and a soon-to-be lawyer.